Terms of use of BUOS On-line WebStore

§ 1 General Statements

1. BUOS On-line WebStore is an on-line store, run by BUOS Sp. z o.o. settled in Warsaw, Korkowa 176 Street, subscribed to the Register of Business Activity, Tax Register Number PL1180073193

2. Objects of transactions conducted by parties of transactions are products presented at store websites in the time of placing an order.

§2 Definitions

1. Customer – every customer placing order in our web store.

2. Ordering Customer - user known as a natural person, dokonującą with BUOS Company in BUOS on-line store legal transaction not connected directly with his private activities.  

3. Entrepreneur - BUOS Sp. z o.o., Korkowa 167 Street, 04-549 Warszawa, Poland subscribed to the Register of Business Activity, Tax Register Number PL1180073193, with initial capital 117 000 PLN.

4. On-line webstore - webstore run by Entrepreneur @

§ 3 Contact with Us

1. Adress: Korkowa 167 Street, 04-549 Warszawa, Poland

2. E-mail adress:

3. Phone number: Tel: +48228124035

4. There is possibility to contact with our Buos Team with use of info at BUOS page. 

§ 4 First Important Information

1. All the prices stated at the store website are gross prices (including VAT tax). For each sold product, store provides VAT invoice or fiscal receipt.

2. Final payment of Your order is strictly connected with ordered goods & shipping costs showed after completing.

§ 5 Sell Agreement

    1. Orders may be placed with utilization of the form available at the store website.
    2. Customer is obligated to filling the order form, including providing the store with address data, telephone number, e-mail address in the terms of confirming the order. Incomplete orders or ones, that probity cannot be confirmed will not be processed.
    3. Accepted orders are automatically confirmed with feedback e-mail. Customer will be informed about the stage of processing of his or her order in the posterior e-mail messages.
    4. Term of proceeding an order is set for 1-14 working days.
    5. Payments for purchased goods may be placed as follows: during the receiving ordered goods from courier or before shipping the order by the transfer to bank account or in the PayPal system or in the instalment system PayU.
    6. Customer is obligated to pay the price for ordered goods, including the delivery cost and another additional payments, latest 14 days after placing an order. Shipping will be processed after receiving the payment.

§ 6 

The right to withdraw from the agreement

A client who has been a consumer as defined in art. 22[1] of the Civil Code has the right (on the grounds of law regulations) to withdraw from a remote agreement for convenience, by submitting proper written declaration within 14 days and sending it to Horpol S.A. ul. Nowa 23, Stara Iwiczna, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland. The period of 14 days is counted from the day on which the goods have been delivered.

The right to withdraw from the agreement by a consumer is waived in case of:

-the beginning –with the consent of the client- of delivery of services by an on-line shop, within the period of 14 days after the agreement has been concluded.

-musical or audiovisual work and computer programs saved on IT data storage devices after the original packaging has been removed by the consumer.

-agreements concerning benefits of which the price or salary depends solely on the price run on the financial market.

-goods (services) whose characteristics are determined by the consumer within an order made by him/her or strictly connected to this person

-benefits, which in view of their nature cannot be returned or benefits, subject of which is quickly destroyed

-press delivery

-services in the field of gambling

In case of withdrawal from the agreement, the agreement is considered as not concluded. The things which have been provided by the parties have to be returned in an unchanged condition, except when the change was necessary within the borders of a regular board. The return shall be made immediately, within the period of 14 days. The goods purchased shall be returned to Horpol S.A. ul. Nowa 23, Stara Iwiczna, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland.

The goods returned by the client shall by wrapped in a proper way, so that it would prevent the goods from damages during transportation.

The cost of packaging and returning back shall be incurred by the client.

§ 7 Return of damaged or faulty goods & Warranty

1. Przedsiębiorca jest zobowiązany do dostarczenia rzeczy wolnej od wad.

2. W przypadku wystąpienia wady zakupionego u Przedsiębiorcy towaru Zamawiający ma prawo do reklamacji.

3. Reklamację należy zgłosić pisemnie lub drogą elektroniczną na podany na stronie sklepu adres Przedsiębiorcy.

4. Please be advised that exchanges and returns of items that do not contain complete information on the exchange / return merchandise, address and contact data will not be accepted.

5. Przedsiębiorca ustosunkuje się do żądania reklamacyjnego Zamawiającego w terminie 14 dni, a jeśli nie zrobi tego w tym terminie uważa się, że żądanie Zamawiającego uznał za uzasadnione.

6. Goods must be sent to BUOS Company (adress can be find in §3 Terms of Use).


1. Zamawiający-Konsument ma możliwość skorzystania z:

a. mediacji prowadzonej przez Wojewódzkie Inspektoraty Inspekcji Handlowej.

b. pomocy stałych polubownych sądów konsumenckich działających przy Wojewódzkich Inspektoratach Inspekcji Handlowej 

§ 9 Personal Data

1. Zamawiający dokonując zakupów w Sklepie dobrowolnie podaje swoje dane, które są konieczne dla zrealizowania zamówienia i będą w tym celu przetwarzane przez Przedsiębiorcę.

2. Zamawiający ma prawo wglądu do dotyczących go danych osobowych i żądania poprawienia ich.

3. Administratorem danych osobowych jest Przedsiębiorca. 

§ 10 Final rules

1. Possible inconveniences during the transaction processing in the on-line store will be solved with the settlement certificate.

2. All mentioned products & names are used in the identification purpose only and can be restricted trademarks of the appropriate owners.

3. In the cases that are not regulated by the Store Rules or in case of impossibility for reaching the settlement, the Civil Code is to be followed.


Below You can find withdraw from an agreement pattern , which can be used by Customer. 

Withdraw from an agreement pattern (press here)

(fill and sent only if you will withdraw form an agreement !